*Purchase Price: $ 
*Real Estate Commission: $ 
*Tax Amount (six month): $ 
*Estimated Closing Date:
*Street Number:
*Street Name:
*Financing Type:  
*Title Insurance (Seller's Share): $ 
*Title Exam: $ 
*County Transfer Tax: $ 
*Deed Preparation: $ 
*Hold Signature: $ 
*Escrow Fee: $ 
*Termite Inspection: $ 
*Mortgage Document Preparation: $ 
*Tax Service Fee: $ 
*Tax Proration: $ 
*Special Tax Search: $ 
*Commitment to Insure: $ 
*City of Cleveland Disclosure Fee: $ 
*Shipping & Handling: $ 
*Optional Closing Protection Insurance: $ 
*Update Service Fee: $ 

Other Expenses (Type, Description, and Amount are all required for each item):
  Type Description   Amount  
#1 $ clear
#2 $ clear
#3 $ clear
#4 $ clear
#5 $ clear
#6 $ clear
PLEASE READ! This calculator was created to provide the home seller with an accurate estimate of what closing fees will be. Please understand that anything you do to alter this estimate (as you have the ability to do so) puts you at risk of making an error.

Great care and examination were taken to insure that charges were set up properly. Additionally, it has been our experience that one of the greatest errors made is when verbal mortgage payoff amounts are accepted and entered in to the form, then at closing the seller proceeds are short based on an inaccurate payoff amount.

You have the ability to add the payoff(s) to this form but please understand that 99% of mortgage loans accrue interest in arrears and so great care should be taken when entering these amounts or any other amounts for that matter to avoid errors.